You own a website and are wondering whether the content will sell better if the menu bar is on the top of the page, the left side of the page, the right side of the page or at the bottom. Perhaps the menu placement won’t actually make a difference at all? Then you start to wonder about various color schemes, price points, language translations and a slew of other variables. Which work best? Which matter most? How can you find out and maximize your ROI quickly?

Business owners researching the various methods of utilizing data to improve the return on investment may be familiar with a product named Optimizely, and others like it that are used as A/B testing tools. Optimizely is designed to allow you to collect useful data, identify goals, track traffic through variations of a particular sales funnel and run experiments to see the changes in data based on a change in relevant variables. The multivariate testing process is essential because it allows you to acquire the information you need for analysis, and to do some rudimentary decision-making manually to clarify which questions you need answered about your target audience or the triggers that prompt them best when it comes time to make a purchase at the point of sale.

So, how is Khepri different from Optimizely, and would you want to use Khepri instead of Optimizely? Khepri uses a proprietary algorithm to sift through all of your data faster than you ever thought possible. It may be useful to think of an AB Testing product like Optimizely as the car and Khepri as the engine. Once you acquire fuel from your AB tests, you can choose to carry that fuel around in the trunk of the car, or you can pour that fuel into the Khepri engine and get the car taking you where you want to go much faster and easier than you ever expected!

Manually making decisions, even with the best data available, is a slow and complicated process. Khepri has the computational power to turn small amounts of data into ‘enough fuel’ and massive amounts of data into the kind of real-time dynamic decision-making performance that greatly accelerates your ability to use data optimization and drive profitable improvements of virtually any website or business venture you own.

Old data becomes stale quickly, so gathering information with a product like Optimizely only has value if you are prepared to act on the information quickly enough to profit from it. Making the most accurate decisions, with the smallest amount of data required, in the fastest way forward, and it’s what Khepri is all about. That’s why many forward thinking companies are now pushing their ABtest data through the Khepri API and automating their path to new levels of prosperity.

To learn more, contact us for a free demonstration of the power of and get your data to start working for you even harder than you have been working to acquire all of it!