Google analytics and Google Tools are essential parts of most website owner’s efforts to optimize sites for search engines and human visitors. However, these basic analysis tools are also limited in ways that can become frustrating, time consuming and expensive for anyone seeking to make the best data driven decisions in real time.

That’s where Khepri steps in to offer the next evolution of data management and control. Unlike Google Optimizer, Khepri engages in contextual optimization and enables you to test an unlimited quantity of solutions, while integrating additional solutions into your sales flow during the test. You can even manage a reward and history window simultaneously with real time results.

What does all that mean for your business? Khepri is smart enough to evaluate numerous possibilities all at once. Rather than relying on incremental A/B testing, you can feed your multivariate testing data directly into the automated Khepri API and get answers that keep everything in context. Simple user metrics like country of origin, gender, browser or device are just the start. Khepri can handle virtually any kind of data you gather and can provide smart answers that include information from multiple data sets at once.

Khepri is a completely private platform that is not integrated with Google’s search engine results in any way whatsoever. Google Optimizer causes some business owners to have concerns about how their data might be used or spied on by the Google for other purposes. With Khepri you have a completely autonomous alternative that gets you the confidential answers you seek in a non-intrusive way, because the Khepri API offers private integration into any existing website, platform or software.

Dynamic solutions require a machine-learning platform that can evolve its own thinking throughout the analysis of source data, Khepri has the ability to adjust to evolving solution sets in real time. When a potential solution is added to the set of options, Khepri’s recommendations evolve to take the new solution into account while maintaining a past history. If the performance of an existing solution changes, KHEPRI also adapts and adjusts its recommendations immediately. That results in you getting access to real answers that are on target in the moment… not guesses based on information you acquired a while ago. Stop using stale solutions and start using Khepri to grow your business with dynamic data.

To see a live demonstration of Khepri and grasp the power of the world’s best multivariate AB testing analysis platform, be sure to contact us. Deciding to learn more about Khepri is likely to be the best manual decision you’ll ever make!