About us

The best inventions are often the ones that are devised to solve a challenge that already exists. Khepri is a product that was created as part of the ongoing development of Wister, a successful mobile performance-marketing network and to improve the ROI of our advertisers. After thorough testing, calibration and optimization the Khepri platform became a very useful platform with even greater capabilities that were originally intended. Now the Khepri algorithm is available to assist businesses with identifying, clarifying and enhancing virtually any opportunity to improve their revenue streams or reduce their overhead with simple API connections and blazing fast analytical results.

Wister Mobile Services was launched in 2003 by three mobile services experts, and is best known for scaling its award winning marketing tools to benefit Advertisers on a global scale with key connections to French, European and Asian mobile carriers. In 2007 when the iPhone was launched, the company continued to evolve by taking on a more web mobile focus. Wister continues it’s growth today and is now a global mobile strategy solutions provider with offices based in Paris and Los Angeles.

“While working in a complex environment, with multiple carriers, diverse audiences, numerous languages and cultures, a variety of currencies and a nearly inexhaustible list of regulations that vary from one market to another – it became essential to automate the AB Testing process in a way that would allow the company to act quickly when seeking new opportunities, and even faster when exploiting opportunities that our search process identified” said Joey Gabra of Wister.com “Our technical team worked diligently to create what has now become Khepri, a revolutionary machine-learning tool built on our own proprietary algorithm with the specific needs of digital advertisers in mind. We built Khepri, because we needed it and there was nothing like it on the market already. Now, we are proud to offer it to other businesses that will be able to benefit from an amazing tool that turns your existing information into profitable action by making decisions faster and more accurate than you would ever expect!”

“The primary challenge was that we needed a solution that we could easily integrate into an already successful mobile ad existing platform,” said Laurent Baquiast of Khepri.tech. “It had to work with many different ad formats, publishers, creatives – and it had to be able to quickly crunch high volume traffic of more than 10 Million pageviews per day in a way that would allow our team to act on the results before they became stale. The answer was to built the Khepri algorithm and make use of real-time analytics in ways that eliminate waste quickly and gain accuracy with every new data set accumulated. Contextual optimization and continuous testing in a changing environment is a very difficult goal to reach, and when our reporting showed how profound the improvements are to our own optimization efforts we knew it was something that we ought to make available to everyone as a stand-alone product of its own.”

After two years of continuous development and calibration, the Khepri machine-learning engine was finally ready for external adoption by our clients. That initial wave of experiments by our customers proved to be priceless. We saw the nearly limitless ways that business owners can put this engine to work, in almost any vertical, with fast easily identifiable revenue gains. The Khepri engine works with surprisingly small data sets, massive data sets or anything in between to curtail wasted spending and reallocate resources to the most profitable options after a full analysis that is always ongoing and adapting to even the smallest changes in your data streams.

We are confident that Khepri can do for you what it has already been doing for Wister and many other clients. It’s simple to start using the world’s most advanced machine learning decision-optimization solution as our client you will be able to see the results almost instantaneously as each click, call, open or interaction is refined by continuous analysis and Khepri turns your incoming data stream into a deeper profit pool for your company.